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Orion is a web-based application that enables engineers to effortlessly create complete machine designs.

With just a few mouse clicks, an engineer can design a fluid-control system out of mutually compatible parts, and then quickly and accurately evaluate its performance, ensuring the design meets all technical requirements, and then automatically export a complete bill of materials.

What sets Orion apart is its revolutionary synthesis of different types of information into a single ecosystem, enabling engineers to seamlessly integrate real components into their designs, while Orion handles all necessary calculations for compatibility and efficiency.

Behind Orion lies an incredibly extensive database containing information on various components. Engineers can easily select the best components that meet all technical specifications. With Orion, there’s no need to search through dated, incompatible sources, which helps to significantly speed up the process. What used to take weeks can now be accomplished within seconds.

With Orion, EnginX transforms the early-phase engineering process from document-centric to data-centric, preparing engineering for Industry 4.0.

Key highlights
Key highlights


Atlas is the Smart Catalog for engineers, saving valuable time in the search for perfect machine components.

Atlas houses a database containing the technical specifications of thousands of components, and seamlessly combines this information with physics knowledge, ensuring engineers have all data at their fingertips. This supercharges the search for engineering components, making it a breeze to match your technical requirements to the perfect component.

In Atlas, engineers can easily input all specifications and preferences, generating a customized list of the most suitable components based on this information. Atlas can present information in order of the desired relevance, price, or delivery time, and even in the preferred unit.

Experience the future of engineering firsthand and discover how time-saving, precision and convenience converge in this revolutionary smart catalog.

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