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From document driven to data driven SaaS for engineering companies

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Are you ready to innovate efficiently?

Do you design complex systems?

EnginX provides you with a digital assistant supported by a vast database of existing components.

Do you want to improve your current systems?

EnginX's solutions enable you to easily compare various components straight into your system for steady state and time dependent analyses.

Do you want to prepare for the future of engineering?

EnginX makes early-phase engineering efficient to free up engineering time. Enabling you to innovate and improve current designs.

Green energy without hassle

Green energy is the future of engineering. Our products are specifically designed to assist engineering companies in effortlessly and effectively creating complex systems, to help them transition to new ways of working.

With our extensive database of physics and engineering data, we enable engineers to seamlessly integrate and compare green alternatives such as hydrogen and solar for their systems, giving them the opportunity to easily design and compare scenario’s to achieve the most sustainable system.

At EnginX, we are committed to providing simple yet innovative solutions that contribute to a greener future in the engineering industry, both for manufacturers and grid operators.

The new playbook of engineering

Today’s challenges demand tomorrow’s innovations. Big problems like the energy transition and personell shortages call for a new engineering playbook.

We are here to write it.

Supercharge innovation

We revolutionize the way machine builders operate by simplifying and automating processes. This enables engineers to concentrate their energy and creativity on the aspects that truly make a difference. Our innovative solutions eliminate the time-consuming busy work, giving machine builders the opportunity to supercharge their innovation. With our streamlined approach, engineers can now reclaim their most precious resource: time.

Empowering engineers

Our platform is designed to empower engineers and enhance their capabilities, enabling them to push boundaries and drive innovation in their respective fields. With our support, engineers can confidently take on new challenges and explore new frontiers, knowing that our platform will provide them with the resources they need to succeed.

Cut out the busy work

Allow breathing room for experts by automating the routine and streamlined processes.

All information in one place

We combine physics data, component data and engineering standards in one easily accessible plaform, removing the need to look through various spreadsheets and catalogs.

Safeguard valuable knowledge

Keep all engineering knowledge savely secured and readily available.


Driving technology for our partners

What our customers say

“We have a pleasant and transparent partnership [with EnginX], and they are motivated to work with us in a customer-focused manner to help us retain our know-how.”

- Royal Kaak

“We are entering into a joint development project with EnginX to provide us with a technical edge.”

- Christiaens Group

“We are excited about EnginX’ technology, and have started a joint effort to combine their capabilities in calculations with our AR/VR tools.”

- ATG Europe

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