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EnginX develops software that enable engineers to work faster and smarter. In the design process of machines, complex and time-consuming calculations are often necessary & outdated datasheets are frequently used.  Through the implementation of EnginX’s software and automation, this process is significantly simplified, standardized, and accelerated. This means that engineers can focus on increasingly complex work, while time-consuming calculations and component selection are automated. This ensures that the design process is ready for industry 4.0.

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We are at the forefront of shaping the future of food and energy, with aerospace as a pivotal focus. Our traction indicates that we’re addressing a generic challenge many industries grapple with. 

We’re not just participants; we’re accelerating the pace and bolstering confidence while revolutionizing the very infrastructure of engineering.


We have developed cutting edge software that are designed to transform the way experts in this industry work.

We streamline and automate processes that have traditionally held back machine builders, allowing them to reclaim their time. We empower experts to focus their expertise and creativity on what truly matters, and eliminate all the busy work to supercharge innovation.


Our products are aimed at revolutionizing the early-phase engineering process: 

Orion  optimizes and accelerates the design process of complex fluid-control systems, making early-phase engineering faster and more efficient without increased risks.

Atlas combines physics knowledge with technical specifications to instantly supercharge the search for parts in system designs.

All technological information in one place

Imagine a new age in engineering, in which the totality of your company’s technical information is well-structured and instantly accessible. Sophisticated software takes care of routine tasks, like converting units and checking whether technical requirements are met across thousands of documents. This leaves engineers free to focus on the intellectually rewarding problems in which real value is created, automatically supported in the background by countless calculations and conversions that previously required hours of manual work. 

Through our suite of software services, your technical knowledge becomes easier to share, deploy, and retain, ensuring engineers can work more efficiently and with increased complexity, without increased risk, time and money.

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