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All information in one place

Our products combine physics, engineering and technical data, allowing you to seemlessly integrate this expertise in your designs.

Work faster and more efficient

We streamline processes, giving experts breathing room and automating the routine by cutting out the busy work. Connect components in the virtual world and quickly evaluate the resulting system’s performance.

Find the right parts in seconds

As we add more data to our growing ecosystem, you can compare your regular suppliers versus the competition. Your engineers can only find a better part if they know it exists.

Retain and gain know how

Our software platform can capture important aspects of your proprietary knowledge and design expertise, so that productivity remains unchanged when experts retire, or engineering work is outsourced.

Easy to use

Our platform's user-friendly design ensures even the most seasoned engineer can navigate it effortlessly.

Supercharge innovation

A combination of a powerful computational API and an extensive smart catalog of components helps companies innovate.

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