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Food Production

The backbone of the food industry are tailor-made machines and factories which traditionally run on gas. Many companies who rely on these machines faced trouble when gas prices skyrocketed last year and were cornered with limited alternatives. 

Next to this, the industry is faced with other roadblocks on the path to innovation: Experts are stretched too thin and lack time. Knowledge retention is a challenge when changes in the team occur, and engineers struggle to innovate when their time is bogged down with mundane tasks.

We have developed cutting edge technology that is designed to tackle these problems. Our solutions are aim to help companies in this industry become future proof by giving them the possibility to innovate without increased time or risk.

Energy Transition

Embarking on a journey toward a greener future is no small feat. The key to this transformation lies in transitioning from fossil fuels to greener alternatives, a task easier said than done. Many companies share the vision but find themselves grappling with the complexities of engineering expertise and time constraints.

The path to a sustainable future is laden with questions: Where do we begin? Which direction should we pursue? What expertise is essential? How do we adapt our designs for this shift?

We offer a solution to the challenges companies face in energy transition and have crafted an ecosystem of products, bringing together a wealth of compatible expertise in physics, engineering, and technology.


Charting a course toward a pioneering future in aerospace demands precision and innovation. The aerospace industry encounters challenges that require forward-thinking solutions. As technology evolves, companies in this sector seek ways to stay ahead, ensuring their operations can soar to new heights.

In the dynamic aerospace landscape, companies often grapple with intricate challenges. Fluctuating fuel costs, changing regulatory landscapes, and the constant demand for efficiency make innovation a necessity, not a luxury. 

Our ecosystem of products merges a wealth of expertise in physics, engineering, and technology, offering a comprehensive answer to the challenges that define the aerospace landscape.


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