The Smart Catalog for Engineers

Atlas: Your Smart Engineering Catalog

Atlas is the smart catalog of engineering offering a wide variety of engineering components and all their technological specifications. This combined with physics data and easy-to-use filter options makes endless searching through incompatible sources a thing of the past.

EnginX + Atlas

Atlas is the Smart Catalog for engineers, saving valuable time in the search for perfect machine components.

Atlas houses a database containing the technical specifications of thousands of components, and seamlessly combines this information with physics knowledge, ensuring engineers have all data at their fingertips. This supercharges the search for engineering components, making it a breeze to match your technical requirements to the perfect component.

In Atlas, engineers can easily input all specifications and preferences, generating a customized list of the most suitable components based on this information. Atlas can present information in order of the desired relevance, price, or delivery time, and even in the preferred unit.

Experience the future of engineering firsthand and discover how time-saving, precision and convenience converge in this revolutionary smart catalog.

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